Triple Pack 200ml


Decisions are for the work hours and this pack is for the night. This is a no brainer, pick up all 3 of our signature gins in 200ml bottles to experience all the Wild Road has to offer. Indulge in 3 incredibly different gins and try our Distiller’s pairings, they’re made for the Wild and Curious.

3 x 200mL 42% each


Citrus Mistress: Elderflower Tonic (Fever Tree) w/ Cracked pepper and a slice of Grapefruit

Gin Ne Sais Quoi: Ginger Ale (Strange Love) w/ Slice of Orange

D’ginn Du Sol: Sonic – Half Tonic, Half Soda (Capi) w/ Freeze-dried Mandarin or Lime wheel

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Triple Pack with 200ml, using our Signature Range of Gin