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Eccentric Australian Spirits

Wild Road Spirits is an Australian distillery using rich native ingredients.

A true experience in a bottle, once you start down the Wild Road, it’s difficult to turn back…

Christmas Gifts

Grab one of our triple packs to try our signature range or a Whisky and get a complimentary Glencairn glass and a gift from us.

Rogue & Vagabond

Rogue & Vagabond is the first of its kind Botanical Spiced Rum. With profile notes of sweet orange, cocoa, coffee, roasted wattleseed & dandelion root, we balanced it perfectly against the ex bourbon barrels it was laid to rest in.

Our story

Wild Road Spirits started as a couple of brothers in a small garage in 2019, conceptualising products inspired by Australian contemporary flavours with a Wild twist. We’ve grown into an eclectic crew, brought together by the dream of creating, producing and forever experimenting. 

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