Easter Pack


Hey Gang,


This year we’re aiming at 2 gins with 1 stone, that’s right we got Pink vs. Gold packs with Easter coming up, why not grab either our luscious Rosè Mami or the infamous D’ginn Du Sol.

Whether you wear pink on Wednesday’s or have a itch for hazelnuts, we’ve got a pack for you:


Our Rosè Mami Pack includes:

  • Bottle of Rosè Mami, 500ml 36%
  • Assortment of milk and strawberry and cream chocolates
  • Dehydrated Garnish
  • 2x Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic


Our D’ginn Du Sol Pack includes:

  • Bottle of D’ginn Du Sol, 500ml 42%
  • Assortment of hazelnut chocolates
  • Dehydrated Garnish
  • 2x Fever Tree Indian Tonic


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